Honor must often work on the shadows.

Available August 11, 2020

Fiss’Q, swordswoman and senator of the Republic of Arokhnai, finds herself mired in an assassination plot undertaken by the shadowy Smilers, intended to bring the city-state to the brink of war with one of its neighboring rivals. Will Fiss’Q uncover the conspirators in time to thwart the rush to a war that could be Arokhnai’s undoing?

An unlikely pair. A world full of enemies.

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“A pocket gem…”

—John C. Adams

THE WOLF & THE CROW: QUINTET features four short stories and one novella of Farys, the wandering, vengeful Wolf Knight, and Sibyl, the renegade witch-seer of Mandria. Following their first encounter (“The Wolf & The Crow”), to both of their origins (“Upon a Field of Ruin” and “The Whispering Trees”), the tales find them traveling through the mystical land of Irth to tangle with a demonic mercenary prince and his minions (“A Sordid Tale”), and across savage wastes against relentless Unhuman adversaries (“The Reckoner”). The QUINTET gives fans of Sword & Sorcery a glimpse into the larger realm of Irth, immersing them into Farys and Sibyl’s world, and their grand adventures awaiting beyond.

Dane Vale lives in Chicago, where he conjures up Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy fiction when he’s not relentlessly critiquing his twin brother’s writing. He owns at least one spear, dodges drunk texts from Dionysus, and believes that there should be more megaliths in America. He cooks Italian food with verve, and has a spirit-bond with wolves and crows. His favorite cities are Knossos, Carthage, Constantinople, Venice, and Paris.


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