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About the Sagas

Dane Vale’s Sagas of Irth series takes readers to a fantasy world where the balance of power has been thrown off by the invasion of the Manticore. The Manticore is a monstrous creature who is intent on conquest, and who has assembled an army of Wildland Unhumans to help him in this.

The Unhumans were created thousands of years before by the long-dead Sorians—a mysterious reptilian race whose blood magic allowed them to bend and shape much of the world to their dark desires.

The Sorian Empire was extinguished by a magical plague that killed off the Sorians long ago. In their wake were two tribes of humankind—the Firstmen, who were in the island nation of Stormfist, and, upon the mainland, the Mandrians, a theocratic monarchy ruled by the golden Dragon. The Secondmen were the other tribe of humanity, and they settled in Imperia, Conradia, and the cities of the Free League, as well as in the cities of Old Soria, amid the ruins of the Sorian Empire.

Far to the north are the Sylvanni, who rule two elusive realms—Solaria, on the mainland, and the Kingdom of Sylvannia, which is beyond the reach of everyday humankind through arcane protections.

Thrust into this tumultuous world of magic and mayhem is Farys, known as the Wolf Knight, a lost son of conquered Conradia, out to avenge the murder of his family by the Manticore. A Sylvan-trained swordsman, Farys has been waging his own private war on the Manticore for his whole life.

There is Sibyl, the runaway Mandrian witch—for, in Mandria, to be a witch is to carry a death sentence, or worse, by the edicts of the Dragon and his fanatical followers. Sibyl possesses a natural and powerful talent with magic, and, as she makes her way through the world of Irth, she grows ever stronger.

Farys and Sibyl cross paths in the frontier town of Barrow, where Farys saves her from the hangman’s noose, and the two of them have worked together to thwart the Manticore and his minions at every turn.

They are aided in this effort by Fiss’Q, a swordswoman and senator of the ancient city-state Republic of Arokhnai. Fiss’Q is a Shadowlander, having become so by a secret ritual undertaken by her people, and given the gift of immortality, at the price of servitude to their dark patron, the Prince of Shadows, a god-demon whose enigmatic nature eludes even the wisest of sages.

The Sagas of Irth pursue the adventures of Farys, Sibyl, and Fiss’Q as they do their part to try to defeat the matchless Manticore, whose depraved desire to dominate threatens to bring about a return of the fearsome blood magic the Sorians used to pollute and poison the Irth.

Upon the Serpent’s Tongue

(February 2022)

In their bid to hinder the vicious Manticore’s efforts to wage his ever-growing war of conquest, Farys and Sibyl sail to Nikos, an island ruled by the cruel sea witch, Ardiza. There, they enlist the aid of the besieged Dwarves of the Undercity, and hatch a bold scheme to retake the fortress-city of Nikos—but can they hope to win against the combined might of the Manticore’s Unhuman legions and Ardiza’s dark magic unleashed against them?

The Twilight Isle

(July 2022)

Fiss’Q, working with her Sylvan friend, Sarithea, as well as Darha Lohai, the mysterious Shadowmancer, tries to liberate the wicked Obsidian Island. There, Fiss’Q confronts the ruthless and brutal Triumvirate, an alliance of three powerful Slavelords of Uriokh—the mighty Efram Redblade, renowned swordsman and former gladiator, Tio Avanarri, wily merchant, and the fanatical Marna Rothgild, high priestess of Mistressa, the Lady of Chains. The Twilight Isle continues the Southland adventures of Fiss’Q, as she seeks to bring lasting justice and freedom to the corrupt and decadent cities of Old Soria, one by one. Can Fiss’Q hope to defeat this deadly trio of adversaries, while her own manipulative master, the Prince of Shadows, looks on with ever-growing fascination?


September Updates

September Updates

Having been working on my Sagas of Irth novellas, I’m pursuing various story arcs in the directions I intended. However, while wrapping one of the novellas up, I turned my attention toward a trilogy of novels (that’s right, novels!) that would really be considered...

July Updates

July Updates

I'm very busy working on my Sagas of Irth series of fantasy novellas. With THE WRATH OF SHADOWS coming out in August, and THE NIGHT'S VIOLIN (sequel to WRATH) coming out February 2021, there are two more slated for 2021: BEYOND THE IVORY SHORE and UPON THE SERPENT'S...

An Interview with Dane Vale

An Interview with Dane Vale

Fantasy author Dane Vale debuts his Fantasy series, Sagas of Irth, and talks with NP about his twin brother, Dean, new projects, what inspires him, and why he wishes he had a carnyx.   NP: What’s your all-time favorite fantasy book and movie? Dane Vale: I’m a big...

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