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The Night’s Violin

(February 2021)

Fiss’Q, swordswoman and senator of the Republic of Arokhnai, becomes embroiled in a plot to steal the fabled Night’s Violin, a magical Sylvanni musical instrument of great power. On the run since using it against the Manticore’s minions, the Black Bard of Valdikan turns to Fiss’Q for help. Little does she know that she’s being stalked by a sinister, silver-eyed Shadowmancer, a sorceress in the employ of the slavelords of the Obsidian Island. Will Fiss’Q be able to protect the troublesome troubadour, survive against the sorceress, and navigate the romantic and perilous path of heroism in the face of all but certain death?

Beyond the Ivory Shore

(July 2021)

On the run from the malevolent Manticore, Farys and Sibyl delve deep into the Black Jungle of Soria, in hope of reaching the free Republic of Arokhnai, to unlock the secrets of the Manticore’s magic. But along the way, they are attacked by the wizard, Harkhon, and his feral Riverfolk, who seek to sacrifice them to their dark and monstrous god-monster. Sibyl finds the ancient magic of Old Soria intoxicating, as she and Farys fight for their lives out of the jungle. Can they possibly survive the malevolent attention of the god-kings of Irth?

Upon the Serpent’s Tongue

(February 2022)

In their bid to hinder the vicious Manticore’s efforts to wage his ever-growing war of conquest, Farys and Sibyl sail to Nikos, an island of ruled by the cruel sea witch, Ardiza. There, they enlist the aid of the besieged Dwarves of the Undercity, and hatch a bold scheme to retake the fortress-city of Nikos—but can they hope to win against the combined might of the Manticore’s Unhuman legions and Ardiza’s dark magic unleashed against them?


July Updates

July Updates

I'm very busy working on my Sagas of Irth series of fantasy novellas. With THE WRATH OF SHADOWS coming out in August, and THE NIGHT'S VIOLIN (sequel to WRATH) coming out February 2021, there are two more slated for 2021: BEYOND THE IVORY SHORE and UPON THE SERPENT'S...

An Interview with Dane Vale

An Interview with Dane Vale

Fantasy author Dane Vale debuts his Fantasy series, Sagas of Irth, and talks with NP about his twin brother, Dean, new projects, what inspires him, and why he wishes he had a carnyx.   NP: What’s your all-time favorite fantasy book and movie? Dane Vale: I’m a big...



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