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July Updates

by | Jul 24, 2020 | News | 0 comments

I’m very busy working on my Sagas of Irth series of fantasy novellas. With THE WRATH OF SHADOWS coming out in August, and THE NIGHT’S VIOLIN (sequel to WRATH) coming out February 2021, there are two more slated for 2021: BEYOND THE IVORY SHORE and UPON THE SERPENT’S TONGUE These novellas give readers and fans of Irth deeper glimpses into the world of Irth, and the adventures of Farys, Sibyl, and Fiss’Q.
If that’s still not enough, my next novella, STEELBOW will take readers into the icy Wildlands and the schemes of the mysterious Justiciars, before the Manticore waged his war of conquest, as the order of holy knights face a deadly opponent in the frozen north.
All of these novellas blaze trails for eventual novels that will provide still greater expansion of Irth. In the meantime, I hope people enjoy these Sagas of Irth!

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