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September Updates

by | Sep 17, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Having been working on my Sagas of Irth novellas, I’m pursuing various story arcs in the directions I intended. However, while wrapping one of the novellas up, I turned my attention toward a trilogy of novels (that’s right, novels!) that would really be considered prequels for the current Sagas of Irth arc I’ve been working on. I had thought about getting to those later, but now have decided that it might work better if I tackled them sooner than later. They occur in the Wildlands, the Grey Wastes, and the other often-referenced but seldom-seen eastern areas of Irth. There is relevance to the overall Manticore/Northwar story, but this trilogy can stand on its own, as well. I am very likely to do that, because scenes have been building in my head, and when that happens, I have to indulge the characters! So, stay tuned!

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